Mommy (Juney) I love you!❤️💕 today, tomorrow and forever.  Mommy you were and still is one of the most important person in our lives, you mean so much to us and I’m sure you knew that when your where alive😘☺️ What would this life be without you?…. Well, you are not here and trust me it hasn’t been easy, all seven of us had one thing in common and it was you, you were our best friend.  You are our rock, our light in the darkest days, our role model, our Mom, their Aunt, their Grandma, June you were and still is our everything and there will never be another you. Mommy we’ve been through so much together, you’ve made so many sacrifices for us, how can we ever repay you mommy? The love that you’ve shown us can never be compared to another. You always had a listening ear to our problems and you always gave us the best advice. 

July 1st, 2012 (My earth strong) will be a day that I will never forget, that was the day when everything changed, the day when our faith was put to the test and through it all you’ve been the strongest I’ve ever seen.
Mommy you’ve hit rock bottom so many times and you’ve never stayed down, there where times when we gave up, but the strength that you had mommy… Oh lord, you’ve given us hope. You have shown us the meaning of a true warrior.
May 8, 2017, 4:59 pm My heart was ripped from my chest and then it was shattered into one million pieces💔💔, God called home one of his best angels, our to be guardian angel, my mother the love of my life ❤️💕
Mommy you fought and you fought and you fought even to your last breath and I’m so happy I was there with you… I was there to hold you and rub you and kiss you and tell you how much I love you❤️❤️ mommy it hurts like hell right now but I know you would not want to see me sitting here sad and in distress.
My heart is weak, my body is numb, my head hurts, my whole body aches. How will I get through this? Mummy you were my strength, if you were hurting I was hurting too. What am I supposed to do now that god called you home? What about Paul, Zahra, Paige, Tod and Kyle? What are they going to do? The bond that you guys had was different. No better love than grandma love❤️❤️❤️ Those little phone calls you always give just to say ” Mi Pickney yuh awrite?” Who’s gonna do it now mommy? There was never a dull moment with my mommy😆😅😅 and most if not all knew that.. Everybody loved Junie❤️❤️💕
My heart is heavy and my knees are weak😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😪 I miss you so bad mommy. I just want to cry out but my strength is all gone.. Mommy help me like you always do, please mommy, just this one time. Help me please😭😪😥😰😩😫 I need you Juney❤️❤️



Soft Whacky Cock Doc!

That feeling you get after getting over a break up…… that I’m ready for this shit kinda feeling, ready to go out an mingle again. Yes! I had that feeling last year April however I didn’t know how to look a man, my approach was whack…. 😂😂 after trying to get some, trying hard to find a sex partner it wasn’t working, at one point I thought something was wrong with me…. Damn! I wasn’t that attractive again? I would say to myself. That didn’t deter me, I created and account on tinder, I put up a few of my best pics…. you know? I wanted the attention. I was bombarded with the amount of guys who was swiping right, I had so many messages… Honestly that felt good, It felt good. I was doing better virtually than I was in real life. There were tons of good looking, sexy professionals. Then there he was…. There was the doctor, he was mixed, Indian and Caucasian, he was from California so you can only imagined how he dresses, he looked classic 👞🕶 He had just left veterinary school and was doing some sessions in Oklahoma. We talked on the phone everyday and night… video chats, video messages, calls and non- stop text. We talked on the phone for four months then he decided that he wanted to come visit me in Jamaica…. I was over the top excited. I couldn’t wait to see him. The day finally arrived for him to come, he was just coming for 2 days. He left L.A the Friday and got here about 11am the Saturday…… It was a long ass flight. He got here called me to let me know he was here and so on, I was so excited my heart was skipping beats.💓💓💓💓 he got to his hotel at about 3pm the afternoon because he went on a little tour of Port Royal and Downtown Kingston. I met him at the hotel about 4pm. The cab arrived at the front of the hotel and there he was standing I the lobby waiting for me… He must have glimpsed me in the car so he walked right over, opened the door, took my hand and my bag and gave me a kiss on the cheek…. He said ” You are beautiful ” I was speechless for a minute…. just looking at him left me without words… we walked hand in hand back to his room, every one the lobby was now looking at us, guess he gained the attention when he kissed me and said I was beautiful because he said it out loud that they could hear… we got to his room and he put my bag down, gave me a really tight hug and a much better kiss, I was hardly talking…. I was still trying to gather my speech, still trying to catch my breath. We laid in bed, watched T.V and talk for a bit. We then decided to go out and get something to eat.. that night we went to a popular spot on hope road to eat.. while we were there sitting by the bar he was all over me, kissing my neck, kissing my hand and telling me how beautiful I am. After eating we stayed there fo about 30 mins then he said he wanted to go party… it was about 9pm when we left and decided that we were going to fiction night club. On our way to fiction we were sitting in the backseat of the cab, he was kissing me much more intense now, and i didn’t mind one bit, he started rubbing my legs then quickly slipped his finger in my very skimpy thong, my vagina was wet so I flexed my legs a bit for easier access and he started playing with me. I took a look in the mirror to see what the driver was doing but his eyes were on the road, the drive lasted about 5 mins and It was a damn good 5 minutes. It was too early when we got there and the the club wasn’t gonna be opened until 10pm. At about 9:45 we decided that we were gonna go back to the hotel and call it a night.. we called a cab and it took us back to the hotel. We got into the room I took my heels and my dress off and went to the bathroom…..He was there sitting on the bed staring at me as if he’s never seen a woman in panties and bra before… I went my way, when I got out of the bathroom he was there standing at the door waiting on me. He was totally naked and so was I because I finished taking my clothes off in the bathroom. He started kissing me on my neck and my boobs, he was rubbing my ass and at the same time telling how perfect my body was, how even and beautiful my complexion was, we then went into the bed and things got a little more heated, his mouth was all over me, he savored every ounce of it, nothing was spared. By now I was extremely horny and my 🍑 was soaking wet. I pulled him close to me and whispered in his ears and tell him to fuck me! He took up a condom placed it on his dick, his dick was erect but it looked soft you know… after he finished putting on the condom he lifted one of my leg upright and the other was on the bed… I was expecting a firm hard deep stroke but I got the total opposite… his dick was soft and boring, he had to hold it and guide it in my 🍑, disappointment rushed through my body… I told him to lay in the bed and I went atop of him to see if I could get anything from his soft and boring cock. It wasn’t better at all.. the strokes were short, soft and dead…. after he realized that I wanted more because I was supper horny he put me to lay down, open my legs wide and started eating me out.. I started rubbing my clit because I really wanted to cum.. after bout 5 mins I came.. I went to sleep immediately, hoping it was just anxiety…. at about 5 am he woke me up to have sex again… I was ready and still hoping for better… nothing changed…. I had to whine on a fully erect soft cock… that afternoon I went home took a shower and masturbate myself to sleep.


Infatuated Me

I was possessed by this foolish, shallow extravagant passion. I thought I was in love, of course I was in love! How dare me…… How can I not love this man? He was perfect…. He was everything a woman wanted. Was I obsessed? The feeling I had for this man was so hard to explain, it was even harder to understand. Why was I even talking to him? Why did I settle for this? Why did I allowed my emotions to think for me? Was I In love with another woman’s husband, another woman’s babyfather or was it Infatuation? Was I In love with the idea of being with him or was I really In love with him? Maybe I’m just in love with the idea and need to get out… He didn’t want to let me go, he wanted to call me pretty girl, he wanted the sex, he wanted my beautiful smile, he wanted me! He wanted my complexion, he wanted my kiss, he wanted me, he just didnt want my love💔



Best Night Ever 

It’s been a year and 1 month since we’ve first saw each other. A year and 1 month since I’ve had the best sex of my life and even now writing about it gets me excited making me want to do it all over again… it was the 30th of July 2016 on one of my friend birthday, Steven had arrived in the island 2 days prior. I was so eager to see him in person. We’ve been talking on the phone for the longest while I felt like I’ve known him all my life. It was a Friday night and he invited me out so I carried my friend along as it was her birthday, we wanted to celebrate. That night we went to the hotel where he was staying, one of Kingston best, my friend and I was sitting in the lobby waiting on him to come down from his room. There was a all kinds of scenarios going through my head. Will I like him as much as I do over the phone? Will he like me? Will there be any attraction? Anyways I sat there waiting patiently talking to my friend. There he was walking out of the elevator, omg! Looking all sexy, he was wearing a white shirt and black pants and loafers. I was instantly attracted to him, my cunt was having some form of celebration. He came over and said “hi!” gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I introduced him to my friend then we left the hotel. That night we went to Regency. We were sitting in the lobby talking for a while then we went into that ball room where the party was, it was so crowded so we ordered 2 glasses of wine and a rum and coke for him and went back to the lobby to sit down. I then got up and tell the server that it was my friend birthday so I wanted a cupcake with a candle in it and happy birthday written in chocolate on the plate. I also ordered a bottle of the Moscato we were already having. The server arrived and we sang happy birthday to my friend and drank our wine. We then decided to go back on the dance floor for a bit. Sreven was now standing behind me and rubbing on my butt… I was feeling his hard cock pushing against my ass, I grind on him for a bit then he leaned over and whisper in my ear and said I was getting him aroused. We stayed there for a bit longer then we decided that we were going to leave. We dropped my friend home and then we went back to his hotel room. He was undressing himself and so was I, his dick was so hard and protruding through his boxers. He came over and finished undressing me, he slowly removed my bra then started kissing me, he led me over to the bed while he was still kissing me, I was totally naked. I laid on the bed flat on my back and he started kissing on my nipples, it was so sensual my cunt was wet and yearning for his now extra hard cock. He moved slowly down to my navel planting soft kisses all over my stomach. By then I was moaning and wriggling. I felt like I was in another world. He slowly moved down from my navel to just above my bikini line. My cunt was soaking wet by now. He lifted one of my legs and placed it over his shoulder, I was so caught up in another world. I felt a warm soft tongue massaging my clit, I let out a loud gasp and held on to his head.. my breath and my heart stopped for a second. He slowly massaged my clit with his warm soft tongue, by now my legs was spread wide open. I felt his tongue moving from my clit to my vaginal opening, I was moaning louder and my stomach rising and falling on a rapid. He then pushed his tongue as deep as it could into my ever soaking wet cunt. I cum instantly, screaming and grabbing on to his head. He stopped for a bit and went to lay flat on his back on the bed and said ” Come babe”, I was a little confused…. I guess he saw the confusion on my face then he said ” Come sit on my face” I was shocked… I did not hesitate. I went and squat over his face, he then held on to my clit with his lips and started pulling.. my legs almost gave way he had to use his hand to hold me in the squating position I was struggling to stay in because of me cumming every minute…. He started pulling harder and harder, I was moaning louder and louder. He stopped pulling on my clit and forced is tongue in my wet cunt, I started whinning as if I was on a dick, it felt so good I didn’t want to stop. We got up, he placed me on my back held my legs apart and thrust his long hard dick into my extremely wet pussy. I screamed loudly, the pleasure was too much to bear I couldn’t stop screaming. The strokes were long and deep almost giving me an orgasm at each stride. I was now holding on to the sheet and moaning loudly. He quickly turned me over, my ass was now in the air. My pussy was dripping wet from my orgasms that were 1 minute apart, my body was shaking uncontrollably. His dick was now deep inside my pussy stroking me hard, I was screaming louder and biting on to the sheets. I can tell he was coming because he started stroking me harder and faster, he was holding on to my ass and slapping me every now and again. He kept stroking and stroking and I kept screaming, he let out a loud moan and sink his dick harder and deeper into me as if he wanted to push his whole body in also…….. we had our orgasms together and it felt magical. We were now laying down both trying to catch our breaths, I was still shaking, my body felt like jello… I remembered him turning around and asking me if I was ok and if I wanted water which I don’t remember answering. I fell into a deep sleep waking up 3 hours later all cuddled up in his arms…. To this day that was my best night ever……


Broken Wings

I’ll never give up, even though it seems rough, even though the weight is heavy I still manage to lift my hands up, jah remove my stumbling blocks, my enemies is fading in the wind. There’s been obstacles in my life, I’ll never give in. Yet still I rise, even with my broken wings I still manage to fly away on the wings of my prayer I’m determined to survive, even through the darkest hours, I still see a light.